Breast Implants
14 de November de 2016

AbdominoplastyThis creates a smoother, firmer abdominal profile, often boosting your body image and self-confidence.

This surgery requires a horizontal incision, hidden below the waistline between the belly button and pubic hair (navel). The size of the incision depends greatly on the quantity of excess skin to be removed.

When searching only to correct the skin below the navel, a mini abdominoplasty may be recommended.

When there is concentrated fat in the sides and back, a liposuction can be performed alongside an abdominoplasty.

Swelling lessens continuously, with the first results appearing after 2-4 weeks. The final results may appear in 4 to 6 months. The incision lines will continue to heal, in most cases appearing very discrete after the first year.

*Ps.: The above information is a brief summary of the available procedures. For more information, each patient requires a detailed and individualized medical consultation.