Facial rejuvenation

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14 de November de 2016
14 de November de 2016

Facial rejuvenationIf you are bothered by signs of aging on your face, a facelift may be a good treatment option. Technically known as rhytidectomy, the facelift is a surgical procedure to improve the visible signs of aging on the neck and face, such as:

– Flaccid mid-cheek skin – Increased redundancy of the nasolabial fold and ​increased wrinkles under the eye​ – Descended or dislocated fat – Loss of muscle toning in the lower face, creating deep wrinkles – Flaccid skin and excess fat deposits below the chin and jawline.

A facelift corrects all of these aging signs, restoring a youthful face and rested appearance, with raised contour, improvements to the facial skin tone and underlying muscle. Surgical steps: regular incisions begin in the hairline, above the sideburns, ending behind the ear. This allows access to the underlying tissue, to remove excess fat and flaccid skin.

*Ps.: The above information is a brief summary of the available procedures. For more information, each patient requires a detailed and individualized medical consultation.