Facial rejuvenation
14 de November de 2016
14 de November de 2016

LiposculptureDespite exercising regularly, some people still can’t achieve a proportionate body contour due to concentrated fat. These concentrated fat areas may exist due to familial traits instead of weight fluctuation and / or dietary adjustments.

Liposuction reformulates and thins a few specific areas of the body, removing the excess fat deposits, improving your body’s silhouette and proportions, and last but not least, improving your body confidence. These techniques can be used to remove concentrated fat from: thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and waist, arms, back, inner knee, chest, cheeks, chin and neck, ankles and calves.

Surgical techniques: There are two common variants to this procedure: - Traditional liposuction is the surgical suction of excess fat through cannulas inserted by miniature incisions. – Liposculpture removes the excess fat deposits, then reuses it in areas that require filling (buttocks, facial wrinkles...)

It is important to note that these techniques are not recommended for patients who wish to lose weight, as the biggest change is in the body silhouette and not the scale. Anesthesia will vary between local, epidural or general according to the size of the treated area.

*Ps.: The above information is a brief summary of the available procedures. For more information, each patient requires a detailed and individualized medical consultation.