14 de November de 2016
14 de November de 2016

MammoplastyLarge breasts often cause back and neck pain, sleep alterations, difficulty in performing some activities, and a larger risk of skin irritation below the breasts.

The surgery known as reduction mammoplasty can provide good results, improving or removing these issues. The excess mammary tissue is removed, providing a healthier appearance and a more comfortable breast size, reshaping the breasts to look firmer, younger and higher in the chest. Another benefit is breast symmetry..

Reduction techniques depend on the shape and size of the breasts, the quantity of tissue to be removed, and other factors such as scarring or the need for future breastfeeding. In some women, liposuction may also be used by itself or alongside other techniques to remove excess fat from the breasts.

Swelling and changes in color are normal immediately following the procedure, gradually disappearing as days go by. Despite scars appearing large and red at the start, they thin and grow fainter over time, eventually being easily hidden by a bikini top. Patients are usually satisfied by body weight reduction, able to exercise freely, and having rejuvenated the appearance of the breasts.