14 de November de 2016

VibroliposculptureThe Power Assisted Liposuction, also known as PAL, is a plastic surgery recommended for those who want to reduce concentrated fat and highlight the body’s silhouette.

Similar to traditional liposuction, PAL is less invasive. First, fat tissue is injected with saline solution, adrenaline and local anesthetic. After that, thin vibrating cannulas (tubes used to remove fat) are inserted. The tubes are subjected to vibrating movements due to other equipment attached to the cannulas.

The Power Assisted Liposuction allows for a quicker recovery rate and less invasive surgery, since the doctor does not need to use force to introduce the cannulas, only to direct them in a way that causes less tissue trauma. “It does not usually require general anesthetic,” completes the specialist.

The technique may be used in all areas of the body, and the duration of the surgery depends on the amount of fat to be suctioned out – usually lasting two to three hours. Anesthesia may be local or epidural (both with sedation) depending on the size of the treated area. Due to hitting less blood vessels, PAL leaves less bruising than the traditional liposuction, like purple marks or blood loss during surgery.

However, the patient must follow medical instructions, such as wearing a compressing belt for 45 days after surgery, go to lymphatic drainage sessions, rest for the recommended time and avoid the sun for 60 days.

*Ps.: The above information is a brief summary of the available procedures. For more information, each patient requires a detailed and individualized medical consultation.